Experts On Treating Dyslexia Explore Using Otego School

Experts On Treating Dyslexia

Explore Using Otego School

Jeremy Robbins, front, associate headmaster of The Kildonan School in Amenia, Dutchess County, tours the former Otego School Wednesday afternoon with Kildonan Business Manager Robin Caddy, Michelle Catan from the Small Business Center, Oneonta, and Kildonan Headmaster John Dunford. The Kildonan School is exclusively for students with dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities, offering daily one-on-one language remediation and a college preparatory curriculum for students in Grades 2-12 and post-graduate.   The administrators were looking at the Otego building as a possible expansion site. “The community here prefers the building be used for educational purposes.” said Catan, “It would be a shame if this was anything other than a school.” Following the tour, Headmaster Kevin Pendergast remarked, “We love it! It is ideal for the programming that we want to bring. If this goes forward, we would want to keep the strong relationship with the community by letting them use the gym. We would also staff the facility with people from the area, should it all work out.” (Ian Austin/

One thought on “Experts On Treating Dyslexia Explore Using Otego School

  1. Patricia Ellen Reichenbach

    Sounds like a fantastic idea , I hope this goes threw for the community for jobs ,but mostly for the Education of those that need it , A big plus for it being kept as a school.. Good luck .

    Patty Reichenbach, Stillwater PA.

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