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county Board of Representatives

questionnaire — wilson wells

Wilson Wells


COMMUNITY OF RESIDENCE: Wilson is a lifelong resident of the 8th Ward of Oneonta.

EDUCATION: Wilson graduated from Oneonta High School in 2014, and will be graduating from SUNY Oneonta in May of 2018 with degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Wilson has worked as a Studio Engineer at TownSquare Media in Oneonta, a teacher’s assistant at Oneonta Nursery School, and the Coordinator of Outreach on the re-election campaign of Senator Rand Paul in 2016.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Wilson has supported and volunteered for a number of local organizations, including Orpheus Theatre, Oneonta Little League, and Oneonta Nursery School.

FAMILY: Parents George and Kelly Wells have lived in Oneonta for decades, uncle Sean Farrell is an Oneonta Town Justice.

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: The government exists to represent all of their constituents, not just those in the representative’s own political party.

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY: The county needs to address the constant, year-over-year overspending. Spending over $250,000 a day is not being responsible to the taxpayers. We have to cut spending, and then proceed to cut taxes; The county needs to return to full and absolute governmental transparency. Our representatives need to be more accountable and accessible to us, the taxpayers; Partisan gridlock keeps any real change from happening. It’s important to elect representatives who will represent every one of their constituents, and not just those in their own party; Otsego county needs help overseeing the day-to-day operations of the county, however appointing an unelected bureaucrat is dangerous. We have to make sure the Board is not a rubber stamp yes vote to the first county manager that comes along. We must ensure fiscal responsibility; The opioid crisis is beginning to creep into our area and we must address the issue head on. The numbers bear out the fact that the current approach, treating these people like criminals as opposed to people who need help, simply does not work. We must do everything we can to help this people reintegrate into society, as opposed to locking them up and throwing away the key.

MY QUALITIES: Wilson has a unique combination of energy and experience. He will be accessible to every one of his constituents at all times, he will work tirelessly to improve quality of life in Otsego county, and will never give up on his principles.

STATEMENT: This country was founded by, and has been protected by, since day one, young men and women. More than a dozen of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were under 35 years old when they signed. The average age of the men that stormed Normandy Beach was 20 years old. And the average age of the American soldier in Vietnam was just 19 years old. 51% of the world’s population is under 30 years old. The future of Otsego County can include a road back to prosperity. As my former boss Senator Rand Paul once said, it’s time for a new way. A new set of ideas. A new leader. One you can trust, who works for you. I am running to take Otsego county back and give it to the people! Thank you to everybody who is taking the time to learn about the candidates, and for voting on Tuesday, November 7th at Foothills in Oneonta.

questionnaire — martini

Adrienne Martini


COMMUNITY OF RESIDENCE: City of Oneonta District 12

EDUCATION: Allegheny College; University of Texas at Austin

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I began my career as a writer for a newspaper in Texas. After a few years there and as an editor in Tennessee, we moved to Oneonta to raise our family. Once here, taught for ten years at SUNY Oneonta as well as, on occasion, at Hartwick College. I wrote for the Daily Star both as a reporter and as a columnist. My freelance work has appeared in national publications. Currently, I work as a writer and editor in the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Engagement Office.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Girls on the Run Coach, UUSO Board of Trustees

FAMILY: Married for 24 years to Scott Segar. We have two kids: Madeline, 15, and Cormac, 12.

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: “We All do Better When We All Do Better” As much as I’d like to claim that quote as my own, those words were said by Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota. When I first heard them, I knew that they summed up the purpose of government. Both as a community and individually, we are only as strong as those around us. It’s up to us to figure out how to ensure equal access for all to decent healthcare, quality education, and living wage jobs. That’s not easy, of course. The first step is creating an accessible and accountable county government that transparently represents all of Otsego county’s citizens.

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY: Otsego county has an embarrassment of riches, from its dairy farms to its higher education. Yet, as a county, we seem to be stagnating. We are too reliant on the same old leadership that talks a good game but isn’t able to get points on the board. If the county board is making great strides in supporting our business community, protecting our health care, and training a 21st century workforce, it is not transparent enough to show us how it is doing that.

MY QUALITIES: The bulk of my job at SUNY Oneonta is producing the alumni magazine, a three-times per year publication that is mailed to more than 60,000 readers. In order to make that happen, I have to have a deep understanding of schedules, deadlines, and budgets, as well as the ability to co-ordinate all of the parts that need to come together to make it happen. A big part of being a professional writer is also being a professional learner, meaning that I have to understand all of an idea, plan, or policy before I can communicate what it is and what it will do. After a couple of decades in this business, I’m pretty good at asking questions until something makes sense.

STATEMENT: My husband and I chose to live in Oneonta nearly 15 years ago and have never once regretted that decision. This has been a wonderful community in which to raise our kids, grow our careers, and, most recently, move other family members. We’re here for the long haul — and I want this county to thrive in ways that benefit us all.


Walker Officially ‘Loves Otsego,’ Judge Declares

Walker Officially ‘Loves

Otsego,’ Judge Declares

Marietta Will Use ‘Otsego United’ Line

COOPERSTOWN – Republican Tim Walker is the winner of this round of the contest with county Rep. Andrew Marietta, D-Cooperstown/Town of Otsego, for the District 8 seat on the county Board of Representatives.

State Supreme Court Judge Eugene D. Faughnan today issued his opinion in an action brought by Marietta:  “Independent party names are only protected to the extent their petitions for the same office are filed first, for that election cycle.  There is nothing in the election law which provides any ‘year over year’ protection to an independent party’s name or symbol.”

Clark Removes Carson From Key Committees

Clark Removes Carson

From Key Committees

Reps. Clark and Carson at recent meeting. ( photo)

COOPERSTOWN – Elections DO have consequences.

County Rep. Len Carson, R-Oneonta, who fell short in his attempt yesterday to replace Kathy Clark, R-Otego, as chair of the Otsego County Board of Representatives, lost his committee chairmanship and was removed from the board’s two key committees.

As board chair, Clark appoints the committees at the county board’s annual reorganization meeting.

Powers, Frazier Back Constitution Pipeline

Powers, Frazier Back

Constitution Pipeline

County Reps. Draft Letter To Cuomo

For Their Colleagues’ Consideration

County Rep. Jim Powers, R-Butternuts, offers an draft a letter to Governor Cuomo urging approval of the Constitution Pipeline. (Jim Kevlin/
County Rep. Jim Powers, R-Butternuts, offers to draft a letter to Governor Cuomo urging approval of the Constitution Pipeline. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

"I'll help," said county Rep. Ed Frazier, R-Unadilla, the board's co-chair.
“I’ll help,” said county Rep. Ed Frazier, R-Unadilla, the board’s co-chair.

COOPERSTOWN – The county Board of Representatives may be reentering the natural-gas fray in favor of the Constitution Pipeline project.

County Reps. Jim Powers, R-Butternuts, and Ed Frazier, R-Unadilla, the board’ vice chair, this morning volunteered to draft a letter for the board’s consideration as reps began focusing information from their strategic planning process into a half-dozen first-round priorities.

One of the “key initiatives” in the plan is:  “Support the Constitution Pipeline and Leatherstocking Pipeline in appropriate locations in the county.”

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