Sister, Stranger Worked Together After Crash

Younger Sister Came

To Her Elder’s Rescue

Julie Ford’s car hit a patch of black ice and sent her and her sister, Abby, into a tree on Saturday morning.


COOPERSTOWN – Even though she herself was suffering from a concussion, Abby Ford was able to call 911 following the Saturday crash that left her sister, Julie, the driver, injured and in and out of consciousness.

“Abby managed to dial 911,” said their mother, Amy. “It’s a miracle they were able to get the call through. Wiley Town Road never has cell service.”

A stranger, later identified as Dennis Brassaw, Cooperstown, was also driving down the road and stopped to wait with the girls until state troopers and EMS arrived. “We’re so grateful to him,” said Amy. “I went to the site of the accident today, and he was there and introduced himself.”

Both girls had concussions and lacerations and are home, but Amy doesn’t know when they will return to school. “Better off holding them home longer,” she said.

When a friend joked that Abby had saved her sister’s life and could “hold it over her head forever,” Abby told her mother what happened “She told me the car was shifting the other way so that she was headed towards that tree,” she said. “But Julie turned the car so that she hit the tree instead.”


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