Sports Can Resume, Superintendents Told


Sports Can Resume,

Superintendents Told

Heidi Bond

COOPERSTOWN – In a memo released Friday evening, county Public Health Director Heidi Bond advised local school superintendents that sports can resume as early as Monday.

“Effective Feb. 1, participants in higher-risk sports may participate in individual or distanced group training and organized no/low-contact group training,” Bond wrote, “…including competitions and tournaments, if permitted by local health authorities.”

Local school boards would have to opt in, superintendents must develop a plan, parents must sign approval forms, and the athletes must be cleared by their doctors, the memo continues.

The parents, students and school officials must agree to “fully cooperate” if any COVID-19 outbreaks occur, including contact tracing.

And each district must set up a hotline, for anyone to use who observes violations in safety protocols.

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