Revised Zoning Law Would Allow Dorms


Revised Zoning Law

Would Allow Dorms

Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk answers questions after this evening’s briefing on the Village of Cooperstown’s proposed zoning law revisions. About two dozen people attended a hearing in the fire hall. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Are dormitories permitted in the Village of Cooperstown under the proposed zoning revisions? asks attorney Linden Summers, a Bassett neighbor. Yes, was the reply.

COOPERSTOWN – “I haven’t heard anything about a dorm?” said attorney Linden Summers, who lives at 1 Elk St., a half-block from Bassett Hospital, as this evening’s hour-long presentation and discussion on the village’s proposed revised zoning code neared an end.

He recalled that five years ago, the Village Board’s effort to adopt a “hospital zone” to give Bassett flexibility collapsed over whether the hospital was planning dorms in the one-family neighborhood surrounding it.

Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk, who led this evening’s presentation, acknowledged there is a provision in the revised code for dormitories

She read the definition in the law:  A dorm is six or more people living in the same building and sharing a kitchen.

Responding to a question after the meeting, she said she does not know of any Bassett plans to build dorms.

This evening’s meeting in the fire hall, an informal prelude to a formal public hearing that may occur as soon as October, dealt primarily with a provision that would allow any house within any zone in the village to be broken into apartments through a “special-use permit.”

Earlier, via another question from Summers, Falk said, “We did not do an economic-impact study of what the zoning change might do.”

During the presentation, several slides dealt with information gathered through a Bassett housing employee questionnaire that found there is a big demand local housing among hospital staff.

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