Community Garden Beat COVID-19 Blahs, Hartwick Clerk Writes


Community Garden

Beat COVID-19 Blahs,

Hartwick Clerk Writes

To the Editor:

As the recent pandemic settled in on our small little community, town officials sought out a healthy outlet for residents to endure while safely following social distancing guidelines and getting a breath of our fresh Upstate New York air!

The Town of Hartwick brought back the Community Garden, located off of Hatchery Road in the hamlet!

With help from many members of the community it came together quite quickly!

We had a resident till the garden numerous times, another resident donated manure, another donated the fencing, another donated starter plants and seeds, and another some fancy scarecrows to add to the excitement!

So much labor has gone into the garden, but it has truly become a labor of love in the hamlet! A number of families are participating and their crops are flourishing! Plots were offered on a first come, first serve basis – free of charge and no residents were turned away!

For its first year up and running, we are proud of it and hope to expand and make some upgrades for next year! We also hope to integrate more community involvement, especially with families and children being more bound to their homes!

We offer a special thanks to our Fire Department as well who ensure our water tank is always full!


Town Clerk


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