2nd Edition Of ‘Cooperstown’  Due In Time For Gift-Giving

2nd Edition Of ‘Cooperstown’ 

Due In Time For Christmas

Photographer Richard Duncan confers with pressman Scott Kuney yesterday afternoon at Brodock Press,  Utica, as the second edition of “Cooperstown,” first published in 2007, was rolling off the seven-color Heidelberg press. With the first 5,000-copy run sold out, The Fenimore Art Museum contracted for a second edition, which includes 30 new photos and updated text. The book is due Monday at the Superior Bindery in Boston, and is expected to be delivered to The Fenimore’s museum shop Dec. 14, in time for Christmas gift-giving.   Next to Kuney is Prepress Manager Ted Knaul and, behind him, son Matt Knaul, a Brodock pressman.  The two editions of “Cooperstown” – enhanced with Duncan’s photos – are based on the 1948 book by the same name by Louis C. Jones, legendary NYSHA director.  (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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