4 New C-19 Cases Reported Locally

4 New C-19 Cases

Reported Locally

Virus Still Here, Bond Reports

CDC image of the coronavirus

COOPERSTOWN – The county Department of Health is reporting “a slight increase” in the number of local cases of the coronavirus, including two new hospitalizations.

The four new cases raise the county total from 81 to 85, since there have been no additional recoveries since the last report on July 10.   That total consists of 73 recoveries, five deaths, and seven active cases at this time.

“Be aware that the virus is still in our community,” said county Public Health Director Heidi Bond, “and it continues to be very important to practice social distancing and wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Wash hands frequently especially after using the rest room and before eating.”

At this time, there are:

• 41 people on quarantine/isolation, up from 24 on July 10.

• 373 people released from quarantine/isolation, up from 363.

• 35 individuals being monitored after travel from a state with high incidence of infection, up from 26.

• 190 people tested on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “4 New C-19 Cases Reported Locally

  1. Susan Moss

    I continue to be shocked by the number of people who seemingly refuse to wear a mask when they are in stores or public areas. This seems like a small thing to do to insure your own safety, and the safety of others, and a pretty dangerous insistence on “personal freedom”. Remember, it is “LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” You don’t get the last two without the first. MASK UP!

  2. dylis

    It would be helpful if you could give us an idea of where the new cases were located… not specific addresses or names, of course, but something like Oneonta area, or Cooperstown area, or Unadilla area…. would be reassuring to those of us in other areas to know if we may or may not have been in those regions.

  3. Delores Bennett

    I have asked this question twice before, but why does the NY State Department of Health give different numbers than the Otsego County Department of Health? Does anyone know?

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