ALLSTADT: Jastremski Intelligent, Hard Worker

ALLSTADT:  Jastremski Intelligent,  Worker

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Jastremski for election to the Cooperstown Central school board. In a field of very good candidates, Kim stands out for her hard work, intelligence and experience.

Kim has made major improvements to the Village Library of Cooperstown by working cooperatively with Friends of the Library, the library staff and the Village Board. The most visible are the physical improvements to the main hall and the west room, which houses the children’s area.

Kim has also been working closely with the Village to create space for educational and arts programs on the upper floor of the building. Her teaching experience has been a valuable asset for this project.

As an active participant at monthly Village building committee meetings, Kim always comes prepared with constructive input, whether it concerns coordinating efforts to obtain grant funding or simply assuring that library activities or construction schedules are well coordinated with the Village and the Art Association.

I strongly urge readers to vote for Kim Jastremski for the school board.


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