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Letter: Up to ‘here’ with the headlines

Letter: Up to ‘here’ with the headlines

To the Editor:
I don’t know about you, but I am up to “here” with daily news. Degraded natural systems, regional draught, forest fires, tornadoes, the virus uptick anticipating hospitals under stress, anti-vaxxers crying government overreach, old white guys telling women what they can and cannot do, school kids yelling racist and anti-Semitic insults at classmates, public shootings, those who think gays and women don’t deserve a voice, America’s Democracy rating degraded due to “authoritarian tendencies,” members of Congress exchanging hateful public insults, controlled voting rights — the list goes on and on.

Letter: The right to choose

Letter: The right to choose

Roe vs Wade was argued in Texas by Texas lawyers in front of Texas judges. When the Supremes upheld the Texas trial court, they not only tossed out Texas’s abortion law, but all state abortion laws as being unconstitutional for one profoundly simple reason: The Constitution does not prohibit abortion.

Letter by Buzz Hesse

Letter by Buzz Hesse

Did you know we live in the Mohawk Valley Region?

Traveling east on I-88 at exit 12 (mile marker 46) there is a relatively new NYS sign promoting area businesses.

At the bottom of the sign in huge letters it says: “MOHAWK VALLEY REGION”!

Fly Creek UM Composes Letter Voicing ‘Dismay’

Fly Creek UM Composes

Letter Voicing ‘Dismay’

FLY CREEK – Some members of the Fly Creek United Methodist Church have allied with their Oneonta colleagues, penning a letter expressing “disappointment and dismay” that the international church has affirmed bans on gay pastors and gay marriage.

Thirty-seven regular attendees also signed it, said Julie Huntsman, who drafted the letter with Chris Kjolhede.

But the pastor, the Rev. Sharon Rankins-Burd, did not sign it, and Huntsman said it is not the Fly Creek congregation’s official position.

Letter: Jastremski Devoted To Youth

ST. JOHN: Jastremski Devoted To Youth

To the Editor:

I’m eager to recommend electing Kim Jastremski to the Cooperstown Central school board.

A mother of children in our school, she is devoted to the welfare and education of young people and feels great respect for our teachers and administrators.

She graduated from Mount Holyoke College, received an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, was a Fulbright Scholar at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, and is a UNC Royster Society Fellow. Add to that, she is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor.

Her education led her to be an instructor of Russian Language, Literature and Humanities at UNC – Chapel Hill, University of South Carolina – Columbia and Murray State University (2000-04). She has been senior technical writer at Synopsys, Inc. since 2004.

Kim has been involved at our school for years. She was PTO secretary (2008-1O), second-grade Reading Enrichment volunteer (2008-09 and 2010-11), was Stroll of the Nations Founder (2009-13), coordinated UNICEF Trick or Treat (2010-11 and 2016), sixth-grade graduation breakfast coordinator (2013-15), a Rotary Exchange host family (November 2014-March 2015), has been a volunteer at PTA, Kid Garden, FOMA, and PARP.

Not only has Kim been dedicated to our school, she is an ardent supporter of our community and had been involved as a Daisy Girl Scout leader (2006-08), a member of Otsego 2000 as secretary (2014-16)

and trustee (2013-16), a member of the Village Library board since 2013, and its president (2013-present.) She was co-founder of both Middlefield Neighbors and Positive Action Cooperstown. She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Jastremski has proven skills and experience on community outreach, budgeting, working with the state Department of Education, fundraising, strategic planning and policy review and implementation.

She has teaching experience in academic classrooms, giving her a true understanding of issues facing our faculty.

At this time as our nation faces possible changes in public education, such as repealing the Elementary & Secondary Education Act of 1965 and establishing a national education voucher program, we need an experienced, courageous, strong school board to adequately represent the wishes of their constituents by being adamant in their communications with Albany. Dr. Jastremski would add that strength to the school board. She is pleased the school board has fostered saving money by expanding shared services with other school districts.

She would like to see more community outreach and encourage more public input that could affect the entire district. She suggests videotaping BOE meetings, making them available to the community, possibly broadcasting them through the education channel. Offering a high school course in this technology would give students hands-on experience. Kim is concerned about improving the school’s energy consumption so as to leave a better world. She could share her own knowledge as her family has moved to alternative energy.

Her unique credentials, nimble mind, and deep desire to serve our school would make her a valuable asset for the school board. Please vote on May 16.


WALKER: Markusen Will Communicate

WALKER:  Markusen Will Communicate

To the Editor:

The time is now. Over the past few years, our Cooperstown Central school board has been in decline. Lack of communication. Lack of regard for the public (aka, the people who hired them). They are completely out of touch with the people of this district. Scandal after scandal the Board has continued on a backwards course.

There is only one solution to the problem. We need someone who will talk one on one with the people. We need someone who puts what WE need first. We need someone that can be a catalyst for improving communication and understanding between the board and district residents.

That person is Bruce Markusen.

Bruce has worked in education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame for over eight years. He has also been actively involved in the school community, announcing at girls’ basketball games since 2001 and doing classroom engagement activities with elementary students.

Bruce had almost a three-hour-long meeting with me, discussing student concerns, exchanging ideas and, most importantly, he listened. This district most importantly needs someone who takes responsibility and get things done. Blaming mistakes on the evils of modern technology or social media doesn’t solve anything.

I really enjoy elections like this because they’re never about politics. This is solely about what’s best for our school and school district and it’s an election where, regardless of party, we can all band together for one candidate. So, for all of you who expressed outrage with me at the board over the past year, I offer my full endorsement of Bruce Markusen for CCS Board of Education and I hope you will consider casting a vote for him on May 16 as well.


KATZ: Jastremski Transformed Library

KATZ: Jastremski Transformed Library

To the Editor:

I’ve been fortunate to work with Kim Jastremski the past few years. In her role as Library Board president, Kim has lead the way in converting the library’s funding structure, spearheading the successful public funding ballot initiative, which has put the library on solid financial footing, and pursuing New York State library construction grants.

These much-needed changes have transformed our much loved library both financially and physically. Residents throughout the school district have shared the benefits of her efforts.

To achieve these things, Kim has worked well with village government, the Hartwick Library Board, the state Department of Education and the Cooperstown Central school board. In an ever-changing, and somewhat frightening, world for public education, we need Kim Jastremski on the school board, fighting for our local interests.

Please join me in voting for Kim for the school board on May 16.

Village of Cooperstown

ALLSTADT: Jastremski Intelligent, Hard Worker

ALLSTADT:  Jastremski Intelligent,  Worker

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Jastremski for election to the Cooperstown Central school board. In a field of very good candidates, Kim stands out for her hard work, intelligence and experience.

Kim has made major improvements to the Village Library of Cooperstown by working cooperatively with Friends of the Library, the library staff and the Village Board. The most visible are the physical improvements to the main hall and the west room, which houses the children’s area.

Kim has also been working closely with the Village to create space for educational and arts programs on the upper floor of the building. Her teaching experience has been a valuable asset for this project.

As an active participant at monthly Village building committee meetings, Kim always comes prepared with constructive input, whether it concerns coordinating efforts to obtain grant funding or simply assuring that library activities or construction schedules are well coordinated with the Village and the Art Association.

I strongly urge readers to vote for Kim Jastremski for the school board.


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