Amid Deluge, CCS Sends 78 Into World


Amid Deluge, CCS

Sends 78 Into World

After a downpour delayed Cooperstown Central School’s 1:30 p.m. Commencement 2020 for 45 minutes this afternoon, Anya McGoldrick, left, and Natalie Fountain, top photo, lead a procession of 78 seniors through cheers and beeping horns in the school parking lot to the ceremony in the field between the high school and elementary schools.  Inset left, Tammi Kelly and Don Corns – their grad is Morgan Kelly – opened a golf umbrella through their sunroof as shelter from the rain.  The seniors will be honored with a parade through downtown Cooperstown at 5 p.m. – head- on down!  (Jim Kevlin/

One thought on “Amid Deluge, CCS Sends 78 Into World

  1. Terry

    Too bad there wasn’t a picture for this article that demonstrated mask wearing behavior at the forefront instead of the opposite.

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