Angel Tree Program

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Angel Tree Program

Accepts Contributions 

Celebrate The Spirit Of Christmas!Salvation Army And AllOTSEGO Angel Tree Christmas - Celebrate The Spirit Of Christmas

The AllOTSEGO newspapers, The Freeman’s Journal and Hometown Oneonta, are joining with The Salvation Army to make a joyful Christmas for area families through its Angel Tree Program.

This tradition dates back to 1921 with the creation of The Freeman’s Journal Christmas Fund by Editor & Publisher Rowan D. Spraker Sr. as a way for neighbors to help others enjoy a happy holiday. This week marks the 100th year of this community tradition, partnering with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has gathered Christmas wish lists grouped by family which can be seen below.

Embrace one individual or an entire family. Every gift is appreciated. Shop by yourself or with friends and colleagues. The more the merrier! Gifts should be both new and unwrapped (price tags removed please), and received no later than Dec. 10 (to allow the elves time for wrapping and loading). Gifts may be dropped off at the newspaper offices at 21 Railroad Ave., Cooperstown, or at the Salvation Army Chapel, 25 River St., Oneonta.

  • Here are the items that are needed (crossed out families and individuals have found a benefactor):


  • Girl age 6, Size 14/16, Shoe size 1 wide: Barbies, LOL Dolls, Crafts
  • Boy age 5, Size 5/6, Shoe size 11/12: Legos Baby Yoda, Paw Patrol



  • Girl age 5, Size 6/7, Shoes size : LOL Dolls, Baby Alive, Bluey, Spongebob



  • Girl age 3, Size 4T, Favorite color Green: Paw Patrol, Spongebob
  • Girl age 1,  Size 12mo, Favorite color Bright colors: Singing


  • Boy age 11, Size 14 Husky, Shoe size 6, Favorite color Green: Digimon, Pokemon



  • Boy age 8, Size 10/12, Shoe size 7, Favorite color Blue: Trucks, Tools
  • Boy age 1, Size 24 mo: Music toys, Learning toys
  • Girl age 9, Size 10/12, Shoe size 7, Favorite color Pink: Dolls



  • Boy age 2, Size 3T: Mickey Mouse, Cars, Learning toys
  • Boy age 1, Size 3T: Balls, Learning Toys, Music.



  • Boy age 12, Size 18/20, Shoe size 9 men’s: Bike, PS4 games, Building crafts.
  • Girl age 8, Size 10/12 shirt & 7/8 pant, Shoe size 3: Slime, Fidgets, Makeup, Arts & Crafts.
  • Girl age 4, Size 7/8, Shoe size 13: Barbie dream house, Barbie camper, Princesses, Paint, Arts & Crafts.


  • Girl age 12, Size S Juniors: Clothes, Arts.
  • Girl age 3, Size 4T/5T: Toys, Arts & Crafts, Board games.



  • Girl age 1, Size 2T, Shoe size 8:Learning Toys, Balls, Books.
  • Boy age 11, Size 10/12, Shoe size 6.5: Fortnite, Muscle Cars, Exploration Kits.



  • Boy age 7, Size 8/10, Shoe size 2, Favorite color Blue: Cars, Trucks, Pay Doh, Puzzles, Superheroes, Arts & Crafts.
  • Boy age 7, Size 8/10, Shoe size 2, Favorite color red: Cars, Trucks, Games, Magnetic toys.



  • Girl age 11, Size 12/14 shirt & 10/12 pant, Shoe size 5: Barbies, LOL, Crafts, Make-Up. 
  • Girl age 9, Size 12/14 shirt & 10/12 pant, Shoe size 4: Stuffed animals, Crafts, Barbies.



  • Girl age 10, Size 13 shirt & 12 pant, Shoe size 6: Dolls
  • Boy age 8, Size 8, Shoe size 4: Cars
  • Boy age 8, Size 7, Shoe size 13, Favorite color Gray: Any
  • Boy age 3, Size 4, Shoe size 11: Marvel
  • Girl age 3, Size 4, Shoe size 11, Favorite color Pink: Any

Family # 13

  • Boy age 6, Size 6 shirt & 7 pant, Shoe size 13, Favorite color green: Fidget toys, Legos.
  • Boy age 5, Size 5 shirt & 4 pant, Shoe size 12, Favorite color Blue: Dino, Trucks, Books.

Questions? Call Santa’s elf, Larissa, @ 607-547-6103, or email (Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm).

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  1. Staff

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your interest. To sign up you can call the office at 607-547-6103 with the family you would like to sponsor and your plans for dropping off the gifts. I will also need either a phone number or an e-mail address so I can contact you with any changes.

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