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The SWPPP mailbox at Templeton Foundation’s Averill Road, Cooperstown property indicates project managers have secured a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for Stormwater Discharges, in compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations. (Photo by Darla M. Youngs)

Bassett Project Back on Track


According to attorney Matthew E. Hamlin, geotechnical testing of the Templeton Foundation’s Averill Road property has been completed.

“The project is now in the design development phase so that my client can move forward with the project in the fall with the filing of an application for a special permit with the Village of Cooperstown,” Hamlin said in an e-mail last week.

Templeton’s proposed housing project—which has been the subject of two lawsuits to date filed by attorney Douglas H. Zamelis on behalf of clients Michael Swatling and Carolyn O’Brien—is intended for Bassett Healthcare employees.

On April 6, following 90 minutes of oral argument, Madison County Supreme Court Justice Hon. Patrick J. O’Sullivan ruled the Templeton Foundation could proceed with geotechnical testing contingent upon New York State Department of Environmental Conservation compliance.

“My client expects to have designed an environmentally friendly and energy efficient multi-residential housing facility that will benefit Bassett Medical Center and the local community,” Hamlin said of the proposed project.


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