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Templeton Applies Again for Special Use Permit

COOPERSTOWN—The Templeton Foundation announced last week that it has applied for the issuance of a Special Use Permit from the Village of Cooperstown for its multi-residential project on Averill Road in the village.

According to a press release, the proposed project will support the continued operations of Bassett Medical Center and Bassett Healthcare Network with the construction of one 24-unit apartment building and two clusters of townhomes consisting of six units each, for a total of 12 townhomes. The development will be similar in design to the Templeton-owned Fernleigh Over community of 40 townhomes located on Fernleigh Drive, which houses Bassett Medical Center employees.

The Averill Road buildings will be constructed in accordance with an energy-efficient design and the site has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

The development will also involve improvements to the village municipal water system with the construction of a new water tank at no cost to the village, together with improvements along Averill Road in front of the project site.

“Templeton Foundation and Bassett Medical Center are committed to maintaining the integrity of the Glimmerglass Historic District and developing this project in keeping with their long-standing commitment to the Cooperstown community,” the release reads.

Templeton Foundation said it is “looking forward to the successful completion of this much-needed multi-residential facility in support of Bassett Medical Center and Bassett Healthcare Network.”

This is the second time Templeton has applied for a Special Use Permit from the Village of Cooperstown for the Averill Road development. Following issuance of a Special Use Permit in January, the project had been stalled by two lawsuits filed on behalf of adjacent property owners Michael Swatling and Carolyn O’Brien.


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  1. The Village has annexed the county property on Linden Avenue- much better location for multi family housing. Adding more density on a dead end on Irish Hill is not a good plan

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