BECKERT: Easy Living Makes Nation Vulnerable


Easy Living Makes

Nation Vulnerable

To the Editor:
There’re many points that could be debated. I’ll touch on one. The most crucial for the future of our great country and our grandchildren. SOCIALISM.

Radicals, who have no use for this country as it has been, have taken over our Democratic Party. They favor government control over every aspect of our lives. America’s founding fathers fought to prevent this. It’s why our ancestors migrated here. Our soldiers fought, giving their lives and limbs to maintain freedom.

Why is this occurring when it’s been proven over and over around the world that Socialism doesn’t work?

First, our mainstream media has become an arm of this new Democratic Party. If mainstream media is the primary source of information, we only know what they deliver, much like government-controlled media in other countries.

Secondly, we’ve endured many decades (my whole life) of primarily easy living. My parents told of hard times in the first half of last century and prior. This gave them and my grandparents an appreciation for what is required to stay warm and fed.

The big picture: government can’t provide this. However, if you’re warm, well fed and happy you’re more vulnerable to be sold a bill of goods. This country won’t be taken militarily, but instead from within.

How has radicalism/Socialism become prominent? It’s the global force of wealthy, powerful liberals whose vision for this country and world is very different.

There have always been power hungry people with vast amounts of money. They support this new Democratic Party and mainstream media.

Call me crazy, but I sincerely ask you to research resources that are factual, rather than mistruths from Democrats and mainstream media. Our grandchildren deserve to experience the same kind of life and opportunities we have. Therefore, Election 2020 is crucial!

South New Berlin

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