Bernie Wins Otsego, Almost All Of Upstate

Bernie Wins Otsego,

Almost All Of Upstate

Trump Takes County; Kasich Strong 2nd

ballot boxCOOPERSTOWN – A few minutes ago, all Otsego County primary ballots were counted, and local Democrats supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, 2,623 (59.08%) to 1,817 (40.92%).

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won the county with 2,573 votes (51.07%).  John Kasich was second with 1,422 (28.23%) and Ted Cruz a distant third.

It appeared that Sanders may have won every Upstate county except Onondaga (Syracuse) and Monroe (Rochester), although voters in New York City and Long Island gave the state to Clinton.

However, Vince Casale, Otsego County Republican chair, pointed out that delegates are allocated in New York State by Congressional Districts.  “Trump thought he’d be leaving New York with 95 votes,” said Casale, who has been working for Kasich.  “He’s not going to leave New York with 95 votes.”

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