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Block Clark, Delay Making

Otsego Now Appointments

You may remember a year ago, when Kathy Clark, R-Otego, Otsego County Board of Representatives’ chair, forced through the appointment of a favorite, Rick Hulse, who had been defeated for election a couple of months before, to the Otsego Now board of directors.

Stop Kathy Clark from blunting economic-development efforts.
Stop Kathy Clark from blunting economic-development efforts.

She forced party discipline on newly elected Republicans – Meg Kennedy, David Bliss, Len Carson, Meg Kennedy, Peter Oberacker and Dan Wilber – who bristled at being told to shut up and tow the line at their first meeting.  At the time, she promised the next nomination would be more transparent, the product of more consultation.

And yet, last Wednesday, she popped a nominee for the vacancy created by Jim Jordan’s resignation onto the agenda at the last minute, withdrawing it only when her majority again bristled that this violated her earlier pledge.

But it’s not over yet.  Word is the chair plans to try to foist not one, but two appointments to the Otsego Now board on her colleagues at a special meeting scheduled for noon this coming Wednesday.  One would replace Jordan, the Richfield Springs architect, and the other Joe Bernier, the City of Oneonta’s retired community development director.

Whoa, whoa.  There’s no rush.

The newcomers, plus the veterans who know better, shouldn’t fold again.  They should delay the appointments until after the county board reorganizes in early January.


3 thoughts on “Block Clark, Delay Making Otsego Now Appointments

  1. Russell Ahrens (@thruway19)

    Kathy Clark has destroyed a Veteran’s widow and a Veteran by not allowing them to pay their taxes. As recently reported, the County has corruption in taxation enforcement.
    Kathy Clark has ignored State Ethics laws and has created homelessness and financial hardship for those victims of selective discrimination.
    She needs to be removed ASAP.

  2. Michael

    Kathy ignored the closing of Otego School, which will have a devastating effect on that small community. Completely ignored her constituents

  3. Robert Force

    Kathy Clark foreclosed on our Farm without a board vote or Otsego County Resolution to sale nor to transfer the deeds of our Farm. I served in two branches of the Military and My Wife is in a wheel chair due to MS.

    Why can some property owners pay their back taxes late but the Otsego County Treasurer refused our tax payment? We have copies of property owners who paid their taxes late in 2015 and they were allowed to redeem their properties. Discrimination?

    I find it ironic that our Farm was taken without a resolution but the Otsego County board needed a resolution to investigate the Otsego County Sheriff’s son.

    How’s that $25,000 dollar embezzlement case out of the Otsego County Treasurers office working out? You pay the money back and only get a misdemeanor.

    There’s no collusion and corruption in Otsego County…

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