Bresee: Oneonta Theatre Future Looks Bright

Letter from Elaine Bresee

Oneonta Theatre Future Looks Bright

The Friends of the Oneonta Theatre is proud to announce the start of the stabilization and revitalization of the Oneonta Theatre, with the help and guidance of Thomas Cormier, who knows the theatre’s workings very well.

As we celebrate this historic event, we raise a glass to FOTOT Board Members. We are thankful for their hard work and dedication.

Thanks to our community and its support that we treasure beyond measure. You have donated generously, supported our fundraisers and volunteered in so many ways.

For now, let us celebrate! For our city and our region, the future looks brighter with The Oneonta Theatre in it.

Elaine Bresee
FOTOT Vice President

One thought on “Bresee: Oneonta Theatre Future Looks Bright

  1. maryjomerk

    Bravo to FOTOT and their hard work. The theatre is a beauty and deserves restoration and then, many events and performances.

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