Business Closes Cooperstown Office

Business Closes

Cooperstown Office

Building Superintendent Vaughn Clark scrapes “The Cooperstown Crier” off the signboard in front of 21 Railroad Ave., Cooperstown, as the newspaper ended its presence in the village at the end of August. The Crier laid off its editor, Greg Klein, two weeks ago and allowed the lease for its village office to expire at the end of last month.  To subscribe to the remaining in-village newspaper, The Freeman’s Journal, locally owned and operated in Cooperstown since 1808, click here, or call Larissa at 607-547-6103. ( photo)

One thought on “Business Closes Cooperstown Office

  1. Marianne Zura

    How sad to see a local paper end. I’ve looked forward to it in my mailbox for the past 3 years in my time in Fly Creek and Ctown. It will be missed.

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