Candidate Goss Remains ‘Fervent Oneonta Advocate’


Candidate Goss Remains

‘Fervent Oneonta Advocate’

To the Editor:

I write to you in light of the June 25 Democratic primary election for Oneonta Common Council. I wish to convey to the voters of Oneonta who Mr. Jerid Goss is as a candidate, member of Oneonta’s community, and also as an individual.

I have known Jerid my entire life, having grown up alongside him, and cannot speak higher of his moral character and ambition.

Over the years, Jerid and I have shared our views through friendly banter, and whether these views are political or not, Jerid is passionate and unwavering.

For as long as I can recall, Jerid’s political ideology has not changed or been influenced by others; though the evolution of his political outlook has adapted to the times.

Jerid is a fervent advocate for the City of Oneonta, with a vast playbook of ideas and goals that he wishes to implement to encourage the city’s development.

At the individual level, Jerid has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and aspires to create an environment within Oneonta that is welcoming to similarly minded folks.

These ambitions are not simply talking points that Jerid has come up with to develop his campaign – these are genuine objectives that he, even before deciding to run for Common Council, has conveyed to me (and I am sure to others) in everyday conversation.

This is the type of passion that Jerid offers as a candidate and member of the Oneonta community.

Despite not being a resident of Oneonta, I have been following the election for Common Council there quite closely, as Jerid and I have discussed the developments every week over the past few months.

As a resident of Delhi, I believe that the people of Delaware and Otsego counties all benefit from the success of Oneonta as an economic driver for the area. As such, I cannot think of a better person to help advance the City of Oneonta and hope that the voters will consider what Jerid has to offer as a candidate.
Jerid is a confident and motivated young member of the Oneonta community and offers to the Common Council a distinct quality of character that should be strongly considered by the voters.


Editor’s Note: While Jerid Goss lost the June 25 Democratic primary in Oneonta’s Ward 4, he will appear on the Republican and Independence lines

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