Car Crashes Reported Throughout County


On Icy Roads, Cars Flip

Around Otsego County

Dramatic as it may look, the driver walked away from this rollover accident on Route 31 (East Lake Road) south of East Springfield, state police report. (John Bower for

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – At least four car crashes have been reported as the snow falls on Otsego County, creating slick roads.

At 8:12 a.m., a car flipped over on Route 31 in Springfield, though no injuries were reported. A second rollover, on Route 166, was reported to involve “minor injuries” to one occupant.

Two crashes are also reported on Route 28 south of Cooperstown near the Clark Foundation Scholarship Office, and on County Route 11, between Index and Hartwick hamlet.

Car crashes are common enough as it is but with these dangerous weather conditions, the chance of car crashes increase. Unfortunately, some drivers decide to drive recklessly in these conditions, which leads to safe drivers being put in a very dangerous position. If you’ve been put in a position in which you have faced an injury due to other driver’s dangerous driving, whether in normal or treacherous weather conditions, it’s advised that you get in contact with someone like this Houston car accident attorney to receive compensation and justice.

“People need to slow down and observe weather conditions,” said Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. “Take those extra few minutes.”


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