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Car Strikes Tractor-Trailer;

I-88 Shut Between Exit 12/13

A tractor trailer caught on fire after an accident between I-88 Exits 12/13 in Oneonta.
A tractor trailer caught on fire after an accident between I-88 Exits 12/13 in Oneonta.
The car involved in the accident swerved to avoid hitting a deer, according to State Police
The car involved in the accident swerved to avoid hitting a deer, according to State Police

ONEONTA – A car swerved to miss hitting a dead deer and ended up hitting a tractor-trailer in an accident on I-88 earlier this morning. Hopefully, they knew the difference between Comprehensive vs Third Party Insurance and picked what was right for their situation. I’ve heard that has some useful information on the topic for those interested.

With the eastbound lane of I-88 near Oneonta closed for construction, the westbound lane has been split for traffic.

According to state police, a car driving westbound swerved to avoid hitting a deer carcass in the middle of the road, but over-corrected and drove into the eastbound lane. The car struck the tractor-trailer behind the cab, starting a fire that consumed the entire truck.

The driver was taken to Fox Hospital with neck and back injuries. The driver of the truck was uninjured. The investigation is ongoing with state police. These types of traffic accidents are rare for tractor-trailer drivers to experience, however, they still do occur from time to time. If this happens to you, or someone you know, you may want to get in touch with someone similar to these Yarborough Applegate Attorneys who might be able to help you with your case. In this accident, the driver of the car would be at fault for the accident, however, you will still need legal advice to ensure that you have the best chance of winning your case.



  1. I think that the town/county is responsible for this accident not the people involved in the accident. Construction……dead deer in one lane, who’s job is it to remove road kill……..hmmmmm negligence especially in a construction zone, you’d think they’d be on top of that. But the the one driver will prob be ticketed/ charged with “over correcting” how convenient for the town and city of Oneonta and Otsego County.

  2. what you said has a good point. except it is a STATE ROAD SO WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH TOWN AND COUNTY? apparently you don’t drive the road know it is a state road.

  3. The fact it is a major highway there should be concrete barriers those lanes r 2 small for anyone to stand a chance if something happens like that

  4. And it will still go on that truck drivers CSA record that he was involved in an accident an could cost him a future job..Even with it not being his fault !

  5. It never said the deer was dead in the road . And even if it was it still the responsibility of the drive to maintain control of your vehicle .

  6. First of all it wasn’t in the town or city of Oneonta, second who couldn’t see a dead deer in the highway especially on a straight away that long , third and foremost how fast was the driver going to cause that much damage to a vehicle in a work zone..

  7. Perhaps it was just a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ occurrance.
    Without all the facts, you’re immediately supposing that the carcass was there long enough for authorities to act on it.
    Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet.
    Unfortunare incidents happen.

  8. People need to pay attention to the road. If you do not see a dead deer in the road ahead of you it would make sense that you are not looking ahead. Most drivers do not drive looking way ahead they are looking at the next few lines on the road. This is a state hwy. not county or city and they cannot always be right there to clean something up the minute it happens. It is a CONSTRUCTION ZONE folks ! That means slow down and be looking for hazards that might happen. The driver is responsible for the vehicle they are driving. They have Defensive Driving courses because that is the way people should be driving. DEFENSIVELY meaning “in a manner intended to defend or protect”.

  9. Idiots who do not know how to drive should stay home. Most of you can’t understand the meaning of a yield sign nor do you pay attention to the law in a workzone. Get off your damn phones drive the speed limit and pay attention a deer is a large animal if you py attention you have the ability to stop. What moron drives into oncoming traffic no matter what road your on and we see his all the time in the city which is posted at 30 and 25 mph throughout the city. And we still have pedestrians work crews in designated workzone being hit. Blame the dumb ass behind the wheel.

    Matthew Harper

  10. Okay first off the dead deer was in the middle of the road. The person driving storage reaction was oh crap swerve to miss it not thinking. An then in the process of swerving they hit the tractor trailer. An the deer should have been cleaned up because I’m sure someone had called to have it removed after hitting it and if they didn’t I’m sure that over 20 some people saw the deer lying there. We can’t jump to conclusions saying that they were speeding or doing anything wrong it was just a “wrong place wrong time”

  11. I also wonder if the big truck driver owned that truck him/her -self, as an owner-operator, or as an employee driver. Someone lost a big investment there.

  12. Can you really be so stupid to say failure to keep right and the county should have removed the dead deer!!!! If the deer was only hit half hour ago, there hasn’t been time to pick it up! Stupidity at the absolute finest!!!! This was a tragic ACCIDENT! Glad everyone is ok… Could have resulted in much more serious consequences…

  13. I think some of these comments are written by absolute morons!! That’s what I think! Just when you think you’ve seen the highest form of ignorance you get some ass saying they should have gotten a deer that was likely just hit out of the road! Idiot!

  14. Yes! Well said wrong place, wrong time.. Tragic accident. So many cop wanna bed have to put judgement on an event that could have happened to anyone, even them!

  15. The deer was dead, the driver was doing the speed limit, he did not appear to be texting or distracted, the troopers already had several cars dispatched on their way to remove the deer, they were there within minutes of the accident, a detective was at the scene immediately,

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