Carson Offers Plan Of 2017 Priorities



Carson Offers Plan

Of 2017 Priorities

County Rep. Len Carson, R-Oneonta, salutes during Veterans Day ceremonies in Oneonta. The commander of the Oneonta Veterans Club may be elected county board chair in the next hour. (Ian Austin/

COOPERSTOWN – In asking his colleagues to elect him chairman of the county Board of Representatives, county Rep. Len Carson, R-Oneonta, laid out a detail plan of goals to strive for in 2017.

The county board is scheduled to vote on the chairmanship at its reorganizational meeting at 10 a.m. today.

Here is a copy of the the Carson plan.

Strategic Plan


  • Implement the Otsego County Strategic Plan guided by the Implementation/Government Efficiency Committee, bringing Board Committees and Department Heads together
  • Outline Target Dates for key plan priorities
  • Provide an annual overview and update on Strategic Plan progress and impact
  • Programmatic analysis and define the value of the County and services provided

Department Heads


  • Institute quarterly department head meetings with the Board Chair (and other Reps who wish to attend)
  • Improve communication and info sharing with and amongst Department Heads
  • Carry out management and compensation analysis

o   Will need to address salary levels

o   Succession issues and pay

  • Carry out County Manager study, including role and feasibility

o   Define role with Reps and Department Heads

o   Will model include assistant or not

o   Need to address succession

o   Salary range

  • Develop onboarding system for new employees

County Board


  • Improve information sharing amongst committees
  • Implement audio/video recordings of all board meetings and make available to general public
  • Eliminate weighted voting from committee votes
  • Revise Administrative Committee to include Committee Chairs in order to better direct Admin’s role and discussions
  • Refocus Administrative Committee on addressing issues from committees (can’t get agreement) and policy making
  • Develop an orientation process for new County Reps
  • Annual convening with state representatives and other elected officials from villages and towns (and Oneonta City)
  • Explore Board Docs for storing scanned documents and information for the Board and committees
  • Term limit for County Chair (3 consecutive years and required 1 year step off)
  • County Rep staggered terms
  • County Rep terms changed to 3 years



  • Continue to streamline County operations to provide cost savings and improve services
  • Better support the Onondaga Purchasing partnership and provide more training and support to County staff
  • Work to improve County employee healthcare benefits and implement telemedicine and other offerings
  • Explore making Treasurer a County employee
  • Address tax cap issue and need for at least 2%



  • Implement evaluation mechanisms for County services through online and social media channels
  • Strengthen County partnerships with more communication and outline of expectations and info sharing
  • Leverage County appointments to better represent Otsego County and provide information to the County and Department Heads
  • Partner with other counties on priority issues (like pipeline upgrades for natural gas)

Tourism and Economy


  • Strengthen the County’s partnership with OtsegoNow, including the IDA appointment process
  • Strengthen the County’s partnership with Destination Marketing and work to better leverage County cultural and recreational assets



  • Improve County roads and upkeep
  • Improve public safety and EMS services
  • Finalize the 911 communication system


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