CDC Traces Two Deaths To Walton Cheesemaker

CDC Traces Two Deaths

To Walton Cheesemaker

Vulto Creamery’s Ouleout brand cheese.

WALTON – Vulto Creamery here has been identified by the Centers for Disease Control as the source of a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis that infected six people in four states.

The CDC said all six were hospitalized, and two – one each from Vermont and Connecticut – died, including a newborn.

The suspected source is Vulto’s Ouleout soft wash-rind raw milk cheese.  The company withdrew its Oulelout brand from the maket, as well as its Miranda, Heinenellie and Willowec cheeses.


2 thoughts on “CDC Traces Two Deaths To Walton Cheesemaker

  1. Anonymous

    Omg the poor families, ate: why was a unborn give cheese? I ment newborn what extractor is listeriosis whAt of mike cow goat sheep

  2. Sandra Olson

    It wasn’t an “unborn” child, it was a “newborn” child. Perhaps the child did not actually eat the cheese but was nursing from a mother who did eat it. Don’t know if that’s true; just a theory. Newborns are not usually given cheese.

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