Chip Northrup on new pot stores

‘Justice involved’

The proposed New York State licensing program for cannabis dispensaries (a.k.a. dope shops) gives priority to applicants that have a record of being “justice involved” – that is, persons convicted of drug charges, or the relatives of such persons, before the state dope sale law went into effect. What a great euphemism for a criminal!

Fortunately, I qualify – having exported hashish from England to America in the 1970s. So where do I apply for a license to become the Dope King of Main Street? If sales are slow, I can simply consume the inventory or dispense it gratis to the denizens of Farkle Park.

One toke over the line in Texas,

Chip Northrup



One thought on “Chip Northrup on new pot stores

  1. Rick Scianablo sr.

    Oooooh Great, as the Dopes, have it easier to get dope, and it’s there right, we can watch how the IQ of the Dopes will suffer even more than present times n levels,

    So everyone who’s already struggling in this
    Dumpy economic times n basically other than higher class place, the rest that over pay for their part here, will like to relocate , leaving the Dopes the bigger part of the population!

    So in time lotsa places will be a “place for Dope, with mostly Dopes, for more dopes, with dope stores poppin up, and everything that goes with plenty of Dope and dopes!

    When everything is all about Dope & dopes, everyone that can’t stand supporting trash and Dopes will all slowly leave, and will relocate far from the TRASH, dopes and lower class, brain dead trash neighborhood it becomes!

    All that will remain is the WELL PLANNED DOPE POPULATION !
    Everyone will see how the TRASH TAKES OVER, and low class will dominate the area!
    Dope supports Dopes!
    What part of this message don’t you understand, let me know I can explain in detail, contact me happy to set you straight!

    Please if your a DOPE, you need not comment, or contact me!
    (Just keep smoking, someday you could be the President, after all “it’s a NO BRAINER”
    Position, just look at what’s going on,,,) LOL

    Besta luck, enjoy the neighborhood!
    While you can!

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