Cold Outside, Chili inside

Cold Outside, 

Chili Inside

Above, Members of the Delhi culinary team Jessica Shultis, Juli Chavez, Carly Yezzo, Peter Blayne, Alex Johnson and Dan Hess of the Delhi Culinary Team took top honors with their beef and duck chili in both People’s Choice and Firefighter’s choice this year at the 14th Annual Chili Bowl held at CANO this afternoon. Chili fans could sample nearly thirty different chilies that ranged from sweet to spicy. At right, Tim Gargash, Oneonta receives his Most Artistic Bowl award from CANO President Jim Maloney for his winning bowl  that depicted a sculpted octopus climbing over a ship.  As popularity of the event grown, so have the crowds. To help elevate the issue, CANO moved some of the chili contestants to an outdoor tent, thereby providing guetst with some much appreciated elbow room. (Ian Austin/

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