Colone: ‘Microgrid’ Would Use 90% Renewables


Colone: ‘Microgrid’

Would Use

90% Renewables

To the Editor:
Dennis Higgins of Otego, once again misstated the content in an early January opinion piece published in this newspaper, which I entitled, “Is a tri-gen municipal microgrid an answer to boosting local energy?”
Mr. Higgins is obviously a pretty smart guy, who must know a lot about energy, but struggles with reading the word “biomass.” He said, I “never mentioned” biomass in my original article. For the record, below is the second paragraph from that original article; bio-mass is mention twice.
“How about establishing a Greater Oneonta Municipal Microgrid System with produced heat and electricity dedicated for use by our industrial sector and perhaps our large energy users, fueled by biomass, solar, wind and backed-up by natural gas. Who could be against it?
“Put the generation plant in a central location within the 270-acre former D&H Rail-yard … This state-of-the-art, 21st-century energy producing concept, one powered primarily with renewable energy sources including bio-mass, hilltop wind, on site ground and rooftop solar would be seen as a model for others to follow!”
Now, back to Mr. Higgins, no need to apologize! That said, it’s clear to see in his responses that he’s anti-natural-gas, especially fracked natural gas. So am I! My “microgrid concept” would specifically support expanded commercial and jobs growth with upwards of 90 percent from renewable power sources.
It might also provide heat and electricity to existing businesses, to free-up existing natural gas flow for those who really rely on it, perhaps allowing others to transition out of coal and oil.
Let me reiterate,
I truly hope Greater Oneonta’s public and private leaders push for further study on the creative idea which I was willing to put forth. I’d be glad to help!
Anyway, I put my energy-producing ideas for Oneonta on paper; I’d love to hear Mr. Higgins’ positive energy plan for Otego.

Colone co-founded GO-EDC,
the Greater Oneonta
Economic Development


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