Much-Debated Corner Site Of Another Crash

Glen-Grove Again In The News

Much-Debated Corner

Site Of Another Crash

Cooperstown Fire Chief Jim Tallman arrives a few minutes ago at the scene of a two-car collision at the corner of Glen Avenue (Route 28) and Grove Street, an intersection that’s been in the news lately as the village’s second most crash-prone. Both cars were convertibles, one a black Mercedes. The damage to the vehicles seemed light, but a young woman was being attended to by EMTs.  Noting three personal-injury accidents have occurred there in the past year, Village Trustee Richard Sternberg has proposed a four-way stop-sign designation, but the trustees delayed action Monday while they seek an expert asssessment from the state DOT.   Mayor EllenTillapaugh Kuch has observed the most crash-prone intersection is Susquehanna and Beaver, next to Bassett Hall, and there’s already a four-way stop-sign designation there.(Jim Kevlin/

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