Coop Trustees Can’t Decide On Pioneer Parking Issue

Trustees Can’t Decide

Pioneer Parking Issue

Pioneer Street neighbor Rick Hulse urges the Cooperstown Village Board to restore parallel parking on the northern section of Pioneer Street at this evening’s trustees’ meeting. The trustees decided in June to re-evaluate parking on the section of Pioneer Street closest to the lake, and conducted trial periods for two different parking schemes involving angled parking on the east side of the street at Lakefront Park. Residents living on the street immediately voiced displeasure, and reaffirmed their sentiments at the public hearing at tonight’s meeting. Ultimately, on a motion by Trustee Lou Allstadt, the board moved to approve Local Law #4, essentially returning the parking back to the original layout, but the motion did not pass with a 3-3 tied vote. Proposed Local Law #6, creating six new parking spaces with a mix of angled and parallel parking, saw the same fate with a 3-3 vote. The other issue facing the board this evening, a special use permit to turn The White House Inn, 46 Chestnut St., into a hotel, passed unanimously. (Parker Fish/

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