Cooperstown Adopts New Short Term Rental Law

Cooperstown Adopts 

Short-Term Rental Law

Public comment over, Village Attorney Martin Tillapaugh said he believes the new law can be defended. (Parker Fish/
Jim Potts, who owns a non-conforming short-term rental in Cooperstown, voices his concerns about the new regulations.

COOPERSTOWN – Before a crowd too large to be seated in the board room, village trustees this evening unanimously adopted a controversial short-term rental law, aimed at better controlling the spread of tourist accommodations.

Near the end of a self-imposed moratorium on short-term rentals, scheduled to last until March, the law is structured to discourage non-resident parties from investing in and renting out properties in Cooperstown.

“It seems like we’re just creating false barriers here,” said village resident Jim Potts, who said he owns one of the nine non-conforming rental properties.

“I hope the hypocrisy of the decision to allow [short term rentals] for one week, and not for the rest of the season, is not lost on anyone,” he said, referring to a provision allowing people to rent out their homes during Hall of Fame weekend.

After the public comment, Cooperstown Village Attorney Martin Tillapaugh declared,  “I’ve worked for 21 different municipalities over the course of my career, and I’ve never seen a law with this much effort put into it.  I do think it’s a fair law, and I think it’s sustainable.”

The unanimous vote followed.

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  1. ron shapley

    Mr. Potts, you are the problem. You contributed to putting Cooperstown off base for people who actually want to live in Cooperstown but can’t find housing.. Move on Carpetbagger..

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