Cooperstown Art Association Hosted Raymond Han Painting Sale

Cooperstown Art Association
Hosted Raymond Han
Painting Sale

Both Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg loved Cooperstown and its residents, and the residents loved them. They were an integral part of the Cooperstown community. They fostered the arts in the area and collaborated with artists, encouraging many to settle here. As a painter and sculptor, Han found his inspiration and subjects from his friends and colleagues in the community. Upon their deaths, they established the Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg Foundation to “encourage the value of visual and performing arts in enhancing the lives of all people.”

As a thank you to the people of Cooperstown for their years of friendship and support, the Foundation decided, in cooperation with the Cooperstown Art Association, to offer for sale, at very special prices, 52 of Raymond’s iconic paintings, and five sculptures. Those paintings represent the wide and varied subjects of Raymond’s art, from still lifes, portraits and figure painting to genre scenes and abstracts, throughout the many years he worked and, to many a Cooperstown resident, present familiar images, of both peonies and people. All but one painting and 3 sculptures were sold; over half within the firs 20 minutes.

The show, which continued the memory of Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg to their fellow friends and artists, ran at the Art Association from June 9-18. A similar exhibition is being considered for June 2023.

One thought on “Cooperstown Art Association Hosted Raymond Han Painting Sale

  1. Ronald Sarles

    My name is Ron Sarles.
    I work for Paul and Raymond for 19 years As a contractor. My daughter Kimberly MacLeod and her husband Mark MacLeod, my wife Paula Sarles and I were more like family than anything else.
    I framed many of Raymond’s paintings along with my coworker Charlie green.
    I wasn’t aware that there was going to be a local sale, and regrettably I missed the sale. I would desperately not want to miss another one so please inform me if there is one. I’m especially interested in a painting of a young fellow in a green shirt and hat working with a trowel on a sidewalk.

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