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County Board Supports

Reducing Window On

Tax Sales To 3 Years

Acting on the recommendation of Otsego County Treasurer Allen Ruffles, the county board at its monthly meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6, passed a resolution supporting reducing from four years to three the time before a delinquent property goes up for tax sale. Ruffles walked reps through his computations intended to show that, in the fourth year, the burden of back taxes, fees and interest on property owners becomes insurmountable. The first tax sale affected will be in 2022. Ruffles also recommended the county board create a buy-back law, so delinquent taxpayers can use the equity in their homes to remortgage their property to pay their taxes. That will require action at a later date. Ruffles is flanked by county board Chairman Dave Bliss and Jenna Utter, deputy clerk of the board. (Images from video of the proceedings)




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