Allen Ruffles


Oneida Indian Nation Releases Report

According to officials, this increased regional investment reflects the Oneida Indian Nation’s commitment to the continuous diversification of its enterprises and the growth of Upstate New York’s economy.…


County Cancels Auction Following May 25th Supreme Court Ruling

The Otsego County property tax foreclosure auction scheduled for August 16 has been cancelled and the entire in rem foreclosure procedure has been suspended as a result of the uncertainty created by a recent decision from the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the handling of surplus monies derived from the sale of properties at tax foreclosure auctions.…


Much To Be Proud Of In Response To COVID-19

EDITORIAL Much To Be Proud Of In Response To COVID-19 Despite the chilling toll – 3,483 COVID-19 cases and 54 deaths – Otsego County people, our neighbors, friends and family, have a lot to be proud of as we ended The Year of The Pandemic on Monday, March 15, we found in revisiting the last 52 editions of this newspaper. Throughout, there was worry, dismay and grief in the face of the implacable and mysterious foe, but little panic. In…


In COVID Year, Leaders Did Step Up

Editorial In COVID Year, Leaders Did Step Up The choice of Heidi Bond, “General in the Fight Against COVID-19,” as we put it, has been seconded by many since the “Citizen of the Year” edition appeared last week. She and her team at the Otsego County Department of Health rose to the challenge. All of us thank her for her tireless contributions in 2020. Otsego County has been lucky in leadership this year. Here are four other individuals who shone,…


1,500 Revelers Evoke COVID-Spread Fears

1,500 Revelers Evoke COVID-Spread Fears By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to NEW LISBON – County Treasurer Allen Ruffles arrived on the scene Thursday, Oct. 8, to issue a friendly advisory to organizers of the 23rd annual NY Harvest Fest & Freedom Fair/Political Rally. “We told them they couldn’t stay there,” said Ruffles, who was accompanied by county Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. The day before, the county had seized the 144 acres for back taxes, he told owner George…


County Treasurer Has Way Out Of Crunch

County Treasurer Ruffles Has Way Out Of Crunch At 194 Main St., Cooperstown, the seat of Otsego County government, there’s been wailing and gnashing of teeth since COVID-19 arrived six months ago. Revenues dried up. Fifty-nine jobs were chopped. The county board waited fearfully as state and federal mandarins declined to pay back money spent on mandated programs in 2019. The county reps pondered raising taxes above the 2 percent state cap, political hari kari. County Treasurer Allen Ruffles cut…


County Sales-Tax Loss Largest Across NY State

County Sales-Tax Loss Largest Across NY State ‘Baseball, College Students’ Among Culprits COOPERSTOWN – Only two counties in New York State saw their sales tax drop in the most recent report – Hamilton in the Adirondacks and Otsego, county Treasurer Allen Ruffles reported to the county Board of Representatives this morning,. “It was very disheartening,” said Ruffles.…


Ruffles 2021 Budget Uses Low-Cost Debt, CHIPS To Balance

CLICK FOR TODAY’S PRESENTATION Ruffles Uses CHIPS, Plus Low-Cost Debt, To Balance ’21 Budget County Treasurer’s Model May Provide A Roadmap For Reps By JIM KEVLIN • Special to COOPERSTOWN – Otsego County’s roads are paved with gold, County Treasurer Allen Ruffles has discovered. And that gold can balance the county’s 2021 budget and keep the tax-rate increase under the state-mandated 2 percent next year, Ruffles told the county board’s Budget Committee today. In unveiling a preliminary county budget…

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