COVID breakdown for August

COVID breakdown for August

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Otsego County had an increasing number of COVID cases in August. Community transmission is considered high.

According to the Otsego County Department of Health (DOH), there 380 total cases in August with 52% unvaccinated and 48% vaccinated. Everyone hospitalized due to COVID, a total of six people, were unvaccinated individuals, including the two most recent deaths locally from the virus.

The majority of cases occurred in people between the ages of 25 and 55.

In addition, there have been almost 60 new cases reported in the past two days, 30 on Friday, Sept. 3, and 29 on Thursday, Sept. 2. That brings the total active number of cases in Otsego County to 134, a positivity rate of 5.5%.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors in public regardless of vaccination status in order to protect from the delta variant as well as to avoid spreading it to others.

The Otsego County DOH recommends getting the vaccine as it greatly reduces the likelihood of hospitalization and is considered the most effective tool against the COVID virus.


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