Delgado Says He’ll Support Trump’s Shutdown Hiatus


Delgado Says He’ll Support

Trump’s Shutdown Hiatus

KINGSTON – U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-19th, issued a statement a few minutes ago saying he expects to support a three-week hiatus in the government shutdown proposed by President Trump.

“I’m pleased that this agreement will come to the floor and I look forward to supporting it,” said the freshman congressman, who represents Otsego County.

“From Day One, I’ve called for reopening the government and continuing negotiations. It’s what I reiterated in my recent letter with House Democrats, and I’m encouraged that Congress and the Administration are in agreement that we must reopen the government,” Delgado said.

“We owe it to the federal employees, members of the Coast Guard, farmers, and others in our community who were impacted by this shutdown to make sure that we do not find ourselves here again.”

One thought on “Delgado Says He’ll Support Trump’s Shutdown Hiatus

  1. D’Amico

    Your headline on Degato and shut down is very misleading. Delgado supports hiatus in Trump shut down is how it should read, unless you wrote it that way on purpose.

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