Downtown Crowd Will Peak With 6 p.m. Parade


Downtown Crowd Will

Peak With 6 p.m. Parade

The crowd was building by 1 p.m. today in downtown Cooperstown, and will peak beginning about an hour – with the 6 p.m. start of the Parade of Legends, when almost 60 Hall of Famers in town, including the six new ones who will be inducted at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, are ferried up Main Street to a private reception in the Hall of Fame’s Hall of Plaques.    Judging from past year, the crowd along the sidewalks could be 8-10 rows deep.  Merchants  – including, inset, Anthony Guyer of Clinton and Lindsay McIntyre of Utica, who had hundreds of souvenir T-shirts to sell in front of Seventh-Inning Stretch – were expected a near-record crowd would make it a banner weekend.  (Jim Kevlin/

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