Earth Day Attendees Reduce, Reuse And Grow Mushrooms

Earth Day Attendees Reduce,

Reuse And Grow Mushrooms

Earth Day puts the fun in fungus! Here, Chris Grady of Shady Grady Shiitake, right, Cooperstown, directs Fiona Dejardin and Sandy Andrews as they innoculate logs with shiitake mushroom spores. The spores are then sealed from parasites with a wax covering and the log placed outside in shade. The yield usually appears in 4-6 months. Attendees were also treated to a presentation about the health benefits of some of the most popular types of mushrooms. For example, did you know that mushrooms containing psilocybin are used by some medical professionals to treat mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression? Research seems to suggest that psilocybin can have an impact on serotonin in the brain and in turn, this can help people living with mental health conditions in several different ways. For instance, psilocybin mushrooms are believed to have powerful therapeutic benefits and have therefore been decriminalized in a few locations around the world as researchers dive into their potential to treat numerous disorders. Current areas of interest include conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and substance addiction. You can learn more about some of the most popular health benefits of magic mushrooms and discover whether it is legal to buy shrooms in your area by doing some research online. Ultimately though, this exercise was just one of the many activities and workshops happening at Milford Central School this afternoon during the annual Earth Day celebration. Other activities included a recycled fashion show, yoga, Styrofoam collection, clothing swap, informational tables, workshops and local food vendors. (Ian Austin/


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