Editors Policy for Letters to the Editor

Editors Policy

The Freeman’s Journal welcomes letters to the editor that reflect the writer’s thoughts on an article or other item appearing in the paper. They must include the writer’s name, address, email and telephone/mobile number; the opinions expressed must be the writer’s own. Hostile, offensive, factually incorrect or excessively inflammatory content will not be published. The length must be no more than 250 words. The editors reserve the right to accept, reject or edit letters for clarity and space.

Please send letters to: info@allotsego.com.

2 thoughts on “Editors Policy for Letters to the Editor

  1. Harvey Brody

    What is our Governor taking or smoking? He obviously has been away from NYC in the Hamptons too much, like Al Gore was from Tenn. Long Island was developed using the GI WW2 Bonus benefits enabling the purchase of homes, to avoid the overt discrimination of hiring and housing in Manhattan and even designating certain ethnic groups for certain NYC civil service jobs. Robert Moses built the parkways to facilitate the migration to Nassau and Suffolk. Bill Shea led the fight to have a baseball/football stadium in Queens. Mario as Sec’y of NY State was confronted with middle class and overt ethic discrimination causing the ethnic and economic ghettos of Queens, and just destroyed the small real estate companies. It was Eisenhower that offered NY construction of Interstate highways, assisted by the rabid support of the car by Bob Moses for work in Manhattan and living on the Island or Westchester. When Mario became Mayor he built 12 prisons in upstate, housing 47,000 inmates mostly African American that he considered economic development of Upstate NY. Now he wants to construct railroad tracks for trains that are never full to capacity and build more trackage for trains that will have few users but receive government subsidies and continually raise fares. Obviously, this is a great gift to the construction and real estate industry. Cuomo ignores that there is actually rail right of ways to provide express transit to JFK. The infrastructure funds must be used to restore our quality of life with economic development suitable for the specific region of our State. This does not include sports betting, legalized pot, or casinos worthy of public support. When NYC was going to get thousands of Amazon jobs what did Cuomo do wrong? Can the ego of Cuomo be trusted?

  2. Harvey Brody

    A major issue specific to Oneonta development is that while our late Governor was touting progressive concepts, he approved the State Labor Commissioner to borrow money from the feds to pay the State share of the unemployment benefit. The Legislature supported the borrowing while approving the increase in unemployment benefits. This is the effect of One Party controlling NYS. This means that cities like Oneonta dependent on federal funds for housing, section 8 vouchers SNAP and public benefits may force Oneonta to find significant loss of federal money. Projects will first be delayed than suspended, timed after the Election. Don’t just blame Cuomo and the One Party Legislature. Where was our Comptroller before this quality of life changer was made public about a week ago? Can’t our state-wide elected officials read a state budget? A few years ago NYS built and owns a $750 million factory supposed to provide thousands of good jobs in Buffalo. The jobs never came. Point is everyday more laws and development are announced with a trumpet that in reality will increase the debt of our unborn.

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