Firemen Practice Hands-On Training In Worcester

Firemen Get Hands-On

Training In Worcester

Over 30 volunteer firefighters from local departments, including Worcester, Cooperstown, Richfield Springs and Cherry Valley, got hands-on experience this evening with the Flashfire Industries Mobile Training Center at the Worcester fire station. Instructor Joe Arnson, Westport, top photo, guides Richfield Springs firefighters Stephanie Elderkin, center, and Second Assistant Chief Mark Elderkin  in cutting rooftop ventilation holes. The chainsaw they use has a special depth gauge, allowing them to avoid support beams. At left, Jay Szwejbka, Cooperstown hangs from a safety rope while practicing a bail-out from a window. The training trailer also has a section for teams to practice forceable entries on both inward and outward swinging doors and was made available for use from the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York. (Ian Austin/

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