Fly Creek Cider Mill To Close On Jan. 31

Fly Creek Cider Mill

To Close On Jan. 31

After Pandemic, Family May Reconsider

The historic Fly Creek Cider Mill, operated as a tourist attraction by the Michaels family for more than 50 years, will close at the end of the month, the family announced today.  It appears the closing is the result of the COVID Year.  “As the recovery from the pandemic progresses, we will reassess our position,” said the announcement.  The cider mill, founded  in the mid 19th century, pressed apples until the 1950s.  After Charlie and Barbara Michaels, in top photo at right, bought the property in 1962, they replanted the orchard, began pressing their own cider again, and over time developed the property into a regional attraction.  Their son, Bill, left, and his wife Brenda have operated it in recent years.

6 thoughts on “Fly Creek Cider Mill To Close On Jan. 31

  1. Christian G. Farley

    Crushed by this news. Been going there forever from Saratoga NY. Family tradition. This hurts. That bully in Albanyś capitol take note. Disgusting that NYS picks winners and losers among NY businesses.

  2. Jane Heidcamp

    Very sad. This was a place we always looked forward to frequenting growing up. It’s a classic. Sad news indeed.

  3. John Coryer

    This is terrible. We make two or three trips to Cooperstown every year and going to the Cider Mill is one of the highlights. We would stock up on items, especially the cheese. The place inside is clean and the people there friendly. I sincerely hope it will re-open at some point.

  4. Mary Anne Whelan

    I don’t think Cuomo is picking winners and losers” arbitrarily, or on a personal basis. The Cider Mill attracts many visitors from out of County – even out of State – and is certainly a potential site for “super-spreading” COVID. It will be back. Not everyone with COVID will be back.

  5. Anonymous

    why can large business like WalMart stay open and a small business that sells cloths,tv’s ect. has to be closed. Fly Creek Mill sells food staples also.

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