Franklin Man Charged With 41 Counts Of Animal Abuse

Faces 41 Counts of Cruelty, Abuse

Sheriff: Franklin Man

Trained Dogs To Fight


Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond, left, and Erin Insinga, shelter director, Delaware County Humane Society, announce the arrest of Nasir Asmat for 41 counts of animal abuse in training 20 dogs for fighting.

SIDNEY – A week after 20 dogs were rescued from a Franklin home “like something out of a horror film,” Nasir Azmat, 41, has been arrested and charged with 41 counts of animal fighting and cruelty charges.

Nasier Azmat

“I have a special place in my heart to defend the defenseless,” said Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond at this morning’s press conference. “I got to meet some of the beautiful souls of the Franklin, and it’s heartbreaking to see such innocent victims in these horrendous living conditions. And they were horrendous.”

One female pit bull that he saw, he reported, was used for breeding. “She just had this look of horror and abuse, even when you just reached out a hand to her,” he said. “It was awful.”

In all, Azmat was charged with 20 counts of possessing animals with the intent to engage in fighting, one count of owning animal fighting paraphernalia and 20 counts of overdriving, torturing or injuring an animal.

“Although there was no evidence of dog fighting at that location, the injuries and scars, as well as equipment found at the scene, is consistent for training canines for fighting-related activities,” he said.

In addition to the abuse charges, the Town of Franklin also charged him with 19 counts of harboring an unlicensed dog. But despite these charges, DuMond said, new bail reforms meant that Azmat could only be issued appearance tickets.

“Prior to January 1, I can say with 99 percent certainty he would have been held,” he said. “But now he’s running free, doing I don’t know what. But if he doesn’t show for his court appearance, we’ll get a warrant and take one of our dogs to hunt him down.”

At the end of the press conference, DuMond also presented Insinga with a plaque naming her a Sheriff Superstar. But he also credited the people of Franklin who alerted Insinga and the Sheriff’s Department about the dog fighting.

“You are the eyes and ears of the community,” he said. “Innocent animals must rely on you to help out, to rescue them and bring these people to justice. If something looks out of place, it probably is.”

DuMond said that the investigation will continue as they look into where Asmat took the dogs to fight. “We’re working with law enforcement partners across the state into possible locations where the dogs might have been trained for,” he said.

“We will not tolerate animal abuse here,” said Erin Insinga, shelter director, Delaware Valley Humane Society. “The voices of the Franklin 20 will not go unheard.”

10 thoughts on “Franklin Man Charged With 41 Counts Of Animal Abuse

  1. Donna Whitbeck

    PLEASE,PLEASE when the law allows please let him be judged by the courts. I’m sure here in Delaware co. He will be found QUILTY. If a town flogging were still legal…. but the law we will follow, as we follow you. Thank you Sheriff and all your deputy’s. 🐾🐾

  2. John

    Thank God you got this piece of shit. I can’t stand animal abuse. It makes me sick. They are defenseless loyal lovable creatures. Adopt them and give them a good home or leave them the hell alone. Put these criminals away for a long time.

  3. Gigi Benjamin cavataio

    There’s a place in HELL for this human piece of shit! Thank you to all the officers who helped to save these innocent animals..

  4. Karen

    Thank you to the people who reported this abuse. I hope these pup babies will find loving homes.
    This man needs to be brought to justice and imprisoned for his crimes .

  5. Laura

    I don’t think I would have any trouble seriously hurting that POS. Every injury on a defenseless dog in his possesion, I would do to him!

  6. Donna

    I really Can’t believe our laws they let people commit crimes and then they get a slap on the wrist and then they get out to break laws again. What is this teaching anyone? So basically you can do whatever you want and get to go free while all these animals get abused and suffer for the rest of their lives while this p.o.s. walks away with a fine. Someone needs to wake up and go back to having tougher penalties!

  7. Sandy

    Thank goodness someone did something about this.He should not get away with this. He should go to jail for a very longtime. Lock him up like he did the dogs.

  8. April St.peter

    The penalties for these abusers, be it towards animals or human, should be equal to the crimes committed. Eye for an eye so to speak. Only then will this stop. Guaranteed if this scum endures the same pain and hopelessness these dogs felt, for as long as THEY were forced to suffer, he and others like him may think twice before committing these acts of abuse again. Thank you to ALL involved in the rescue.

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