PALUMBO: From San Diego: Support Protect Richfield Candidates


From San Diego: Support

Protect Richfield Candidates

Editor’s Note: The Palumbos who wrote this letter are not related to current Richfield Supervisor Paul Palumbo’s; Joe Palumbo is actually the son-in-law of former Supervisor Fran Enjem’s wife.

To the Editor:

Dear Town of Richfield residents and voters:

We are Joe and Jami Palumbo. While our full-time residence is in San Diego, Calif., where we work and raise our two children, we purchased a second home five years ago on Canadarago Lake. We utilize this residence as much as possible over the summers, holidays and in essence any time we can.

We both grew up in the outskirts of Richfield and currently have family and friends living in Richfield, Frankfort, New Hartford and Utica. Every March we host an annual Fundraiser called Kristin’s Fund for the sole purpose of re-eradicating domestic violence in the area.

Needless to say, we love the Richfield community, we love the beautiful area and the peaceful lifestyle it offers. It is so different from many places we have traveled to around the world and the one where we plan to make permanent when we retire.

Because of our home and ties to Richfield, we keep close tabs of the area news and follow the political scene as well. We are impressed with the comprehensive

Plan:  The vision and goals are on target with what we believe can help enhance the future of the area.

The town needs growth and a growth mindset is a start to this. We agree that updating the zoning law was very much needed. It will promote the safety, health, morals and commerce and also protect and conserve the value of our property.

We encourage the most appropriate use of the land in Richfield and believe the new zoning will increase the tax base.

We thank the board members for passing the new zoning law and thank such amazing community for understanding the benefit of it. We encourage you to vote to help promote the welfare of such a great town and community.

The town will benefit greatly if you take the time to look carefully at the ballot and vote David Simonds, Kane Seamon and Jeremy Fisher.

You simply cannot go back to the old ways, you must change or you will continue to lose opportunities.


San Diego, Calif.

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