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Bronx Gang Member

Arrested In Oneonta

Christopher "Brabs" Canada
Christopher “Brabs” Canada

ONEONTA – A man wanted for a murder connected to the Sex Money Murda gang in the Bronx was arrested Thursday at a house on Division Street in Oneonta, city police said today.

Police reported receiving a tip Tuesday, Sept. 20, from the New York/New Jersey Fugitive Task Force that Christopher Canada, aka “Brabs,” was hiding out at a relative’s home in the city.  He was arrested without incident and taken by the task force to New York City.

“We believe he was hiding out here, not trying to start anything,” said Lt. Douglas Brenner.  “We haven’t had any brushes with him before.  He was laying low.”

Oneonta Police were present at the arrest, providing perimeter support outside the home.

He was charged alongside alleged fellow gang members Corey Brown and Josnel Rodriguez for racketeering and firearms charges, including the murder of Vincent Davis on July 15, 2012.


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  1. As long as the City of Oneonta will allow flipping rental homes after initial conversion into SRO housing, there will be a need for “adults” too old for life in a group home to “live,” in the vacant residential homes. These group home graduates will bring others to “work” for the flippers. Forget about 1099s and increasing the 47% who don’t pay any taxes but live in the City; more social service companies will provide food and even clothing. It is rather difficult for the post group home and 25 year-olds to qualify for actual SNAP and TANF, but easy to get everything needed to survive except for a COVID 19 vaccination. CDC and NYSDOH requests photo ids first. It is the responsibility of Code Enforcement to make sure every rental is same to live in. But then comes the matter of identifying the transient. Which isn’t necessary if the flipper’s property is protected in exchange for free room. This is hardly a new pattern. It’s is the model provided by Pittsburgh until IT stopped its demise. Problem is that the transients were in group homes and even on the street for reasons that were never treated. Political leadership in Oneonta? A soon to leave two term Mayor who was afraid to teach science in public junior high schools in Brooklyn, NY is not the person who could reverse where housing and comunity is going in Oneonta. The use of transients and youth as laborers is nothing new; it becomes a magnet. Ironic that COVID 19 is blind.

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