Governor extends indoor mask mandate

Governor extends indoor mask mandate

Governor Kathy Hochul announced Friday afternoon that she’s extending the “mask or vaccine” policy for indoor public spaces through February 10, 2022.

The mask mandate remains in place for schools, as well.

It had been set to expire February 1 and this week was the subject of back-and-forth court rulings on its constitutionality. The most recent court decision upholds the mandate.

The governor said Friday that she would evaluate the mandate every two weeks.

One thought on “Governor extends indoor mask mandate

  1. Brendan

    Thats nice, power is addictive isn’t it. How is it that the “OR VAX” is not reported only having to wear the obedience mask is? I am vaxed do I need a mask, not clear is it. You folks enjoy living life like everyone is a automaton under the control of the state? Also, how is it we never see pictures of these over run hospitals? Where are these over run hospitals, I would like to know? How many hospitals pre pandemic closed down beds their ICU units because it cost too much to keep, but now need them? Unfortunately no one will read this; as the Pravda type communists will label this misinformation.

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