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Letter from Tony Kroker

Tague Asked To Offer Solutions

I am writing about a recent letter from Assemblyman Chris Tague, who wrote about some of the serious problems facing our state. Alas, Mr. Tague also epitomizes a lot of what’s wrong with politics today: He points his finger across the aisle and blames the other person/party for all of our problems.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not exonerating the Democratic leadership in New York for the many boneheaded decisions they have made. However, I am tired of listening to the blame game that infects our political system.

Mr. Tague, you said that Gov. Hochul offered no plans to fix our broken state. Well, where are your plans? I would invite you to submit another letter to this paper outlining how you and your party intend to fix the problems you mentioned—crime, housing, taxes, immigration, the economy (although we no longer have “record inflation”). If you want to “fight for change,” then offer us some concrete proposals that allow us to focus on how we can correct things instead of just assigning blame. This will point us in a positive direction. It may also help you earn the votes of your constituents.

I look forward to your response.

Tony Kroker
Fly Creek


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