HOHENSEE: Thank You, Andrew Marietta

HOHENSEE: Thank You, Andrew Marietta

To the Editor:

This is not so much a letter of support as it is one of thanks, to Andrew Marietta for his service as Otsego County representative for District 8 and for his decision to seek re-election. Andrew’s community involvement, honesty, integrity, authenticity and unyielding commitment to serving county residents is admirable and impressive. I appreciate his challenging the status quo to make a positive difference. He’s a pragmatist who understands the challenges faced by Otsego County and he has shown an ability to listen and collaborate, regardless of political party.

I understand there is some question about Andrew’s attendance at county board and committee meetings – there’s really no need. It’s on the record that he has attended 89 of the last 94 meetings of the board or the committees upon which he serves. Hard to question 95 percent attendance (attendance of some other county reps might surprise you though!) But showing up at meetings is a low bar that Andrew clears with ease.
Andrew considers process, systems and opportunities for improvement. And we’d be hard pressed to find a person as committed to community service as Andrew with his current or past board membership on numerous worthy organizations. Additionally, his professional work has benefitted numerous nonprofits in our region that serve residents throughout the county and beyond.

I am particularly grateful for Andrew’s transparency with residents in revealing how county committee structure is lacking, and leaves basic county business to County reps, many of whom change seats every two years. If the county always does what it’s always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten – inefficient and costly governance. The current structure restricts our county reps ability to focus on policy development or the larger issues the county faces. This weakens both areas, disempowering department heads and stifling county operations.
Andrew’s experience and genuine commitment is allowing him to make the county stronger, more efficient and less costly. It seems the current system is failing, action is needed, and I’m glad Andrew is advocating for a better way.

Future success depends on embracing change – thankfully Andrew is stepping up to continue the task.
Thanks again to Andrew and, oh yeah, he’ll have my vote on Nov. 7.

Otsego Town Board

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