Hot Wings For Hot Weather


Hot Wings For Hot Weather

Pause your stroll through Cooperstown’s Main Street for some of Cooley Tavern’s famous juicy chicken wings on Pioneer St. The skins are crunchy, the meat juicy, and you can take your pick of sauces ranging from mild, to hot, to nuclear, or try Cooley’s Own sauce. A worthwhile stop on your trip through Cooperstown. (Cooley’s Stonehouse Tavern, 49 Pioneer St, Cooperstown.)

LARISSA RYAN, Office Manager

There comes a time in a man’s life when some chicken wings come along and make a believer out of you and for me, that was at The Depot.

They have the usual suspects when it comes to wings, BBQ, Hot and XXX Hot. But it’s the more specialty flavors that really are showcased here. The Depot made a name for their wings with their award-winning Garbage wings and Hot Garbage wings, their famous mix of sweet and savory flavors were an instant hit. But for me, I prefer their Orange Sesame Ginger and the Mango Habanero. Sweet, hot and spicy, just how
I like them.

These aren’t skimpy little wings either, these are good sized wings packed with flavor, covered with ingredients that are sure to satisfy. (The Depot Restaurant and Tavern, 4 1/2 Railroad Ave, Oneonta)

IAN AUSTIN, Staff Photographer

What a pleasant surprise awaited me at Alfresco’s in Oneonta. The wings were served with celery and fresh blue cheese for dippin’, just how I like them. They were great – not greasy, not overcooked and rubbery; they were extremely moist and tasty. The batter they use is so nice and light, at some places I take the skin off because it’s too greasy and chewy. These were perfect! You can get your wings
covered in mozzarella cheese too. (Alfresco’s, 26 Main St.

TARA BARNWELL, General Manager

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