HULSE: Village Trustees Urged – Listen


HULSE: Village

Trustees Urged – Listen

To the Editor:

“Because they can”

Cooperstown is someplace, not anyplace. As residents read in last week’s editorial about running for a seat on the Village Board, the reasons to do so are clear.

Incumbents running unopposed has contributed to board decisions with little concern for their consequences. Recent examples of this are placing red flashing stop signs in residential neighborhoods, proposed zoning changes for village houses, and, in 2018, implementing diagonal parking on the north end of Pioneer Street that was not even in compliance with DOT specifications.

In each case the trustees omitted a key step in the process when they failed to consult with residents before proceeding. Why? Because they feel they can freely implement what they want to implement without consequences.

Public hearings, after the fact, brought outraged, upset residents out in force to protest and reverse some of these unchecked board actions.

However, if one more step, consulting with the residents, had been taken, it would have avoided most of the turmoil and the divisiveness their actions caused.

If we all believe that Cooperstown is someplace, not anyplace, lets urge village officials to listen to their constituents. One way to ensure that is to run for the board.


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