Hungarian Refugees Return to Oneonta For Thanks

Hungarian Refugees Return

To Roots At Shue Homestead

Julias Bartfai, Ontario, looks through old newspaper clippings and photos with Marie Shue, Oneonta this evening where he and his family came to visit for a BBQ. The Shue’s home, located on Parish Avenue, was formally the home of the Bartfais, who, after fleeing the Hungarian Revolution in 1957, were brought to Oneonta after being sponsored by the Oneonta Rotary Club. Despite the Bartfais not speaking English upon their arrival, Rotarians were able to set them up with a place to live and a job at Coddington’s Florist. Of the Bartfais family were Alex, Julie, Jeff, John and Julius, who were joined by Doug and Grace Coddington, Bill and Marie Shue and Rotarian Sam Koury. “People don’t always do things to be thanked.” said Julias, “But the people who helped my parents, Mr. Clifford and Mr. Green, they had a profound effect on my life. And to them I say ‘thank you’.” (Ian Austin/


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