HUSTON: When CNG Trucks Crash, Public Should Be Told


When CNG Trucks Crash,

Public Should Be Told

To the Editor:

I have never seen this complete list (see box, above) before now. I don’t think anyone has compiled this data before now.

There are probably many more which did not make it to the newspapers. You are one of the first to see this.

This list was not easy to compile! Few of these names were in the newspaper.

My purpose here is not to violate anyone’s privacy.

However, IF it is true that these vehicles are unsafe and causing injuries and death, then someone should be tracking this data.

Someone should be keeping track of these incidents, and tracking the workers’ specific injuries, progress and recovery. As far as I can tell, no “official” agency is doing this.

These industry workers are REAL PEOPLE, and deserve our compassion and support. Industry wants to keep this information secret and away from the public’s view, and they hide behind medical privacy laws to
get away with it.

The manufacturers (Hexagon Composites, Quantum Fuel Systems), with the operators (NG Advantage and XNG), and the regulators (USDOT/PHMSA, DOE, FERC) should work together to ensure these vehicles operate in a safe manner, ensuring the general public, and the workers aren’t in danger.


Dimmock, Pa.

Huston has been monitoring CNG trucking from his home in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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